Before Anything You Say

Producer/Director 2016
Darkling Pictures Inc.
Writer / Deborah Schnitzer
Feature Film/ Drama / Colour

When Isobelís husband Jack announces his intent to pursue a job that would require him to live in Bangkok for five years working against human trafficking, he assumes she will follow, leaving her life and career behind. However, Isobel is not prepared to follow blindly. Hurt and feeling misunderstood by one other, they attempt to reconcile their lives and love in Paris while Jack attends business meetings and in their dream home in Winnipeg. Both struggle with a desire to care for others without being aware of their inability to care for each other, refusing to give up despite themselves and despite the world around them.

Screening in Competition:

  • Official selection Madrid International Film Festival, Madrid, Spain, July 2017

Rana Plaza: Let Not The Hope Die

Producer/Director 2014
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Documentary/ Stills / B&W / Colour / 4m 25s

Is It My Turn

Director 2013
Producer / Hersh Seth
Writer / Deborah Schnitzer
Dance / B & W / 3D / 5m 47s

Watch the trailer (requires Quicktime).

The Feminine, expressed through dance.

Official Selection:

  • Lady Filmmakers Film Festival, Los Angeles, September, 2012 (As SPELLBINDING)
  • Gimli Film Festival, Gimli, Manitoba, Manitoba Shorts Program, July 2013
  • National Screen Institute Online Short Film Festival, Winnipeg, Canada February 2014
  • Official Selection 45th Worldfest - Houston International Film Festival, Houston, Texas, April 2014
  • Official Section of III Dona i Cinema - Mujer y Cine - Woman & Film, Valencia, Spain, June 2014
  • The Access Code Film Festival, Srinagar, Kashmir Valley, India, September 2014
  • Accolade Global Film Festival Competition, California, USA, November 2014
  • Women's Director International Film Festival (WDIFF), New Delhi, India, December 2014
  • IMA International Film Festival, Kerala, India, December 2014
  • JUMPTHECUT Film Festival, Singapore, Southeast Asia, January 2015
  • River Bend Film Festival, South Indiana, USA, April 2015
  • Cinema Spectacular 11, Vancouver, Canada, April 2015
  • Lionshead Film Festival, Dallas, Texas, June 2015
  • Mykonos Biennale, Greece, July - August 2015
  • Finow International Film & Script Festival, Eberswalde, Germany, February 2016
  • SAW Video Media Arts Centre, Frame Lines: 11 Choreographies for Camera, Ottawa, June, 2016


  • WorldFest International Film Festival, Houston, USA. April 2014 - Gold Remi Award, Experimental Film
  • III Dona i Cinema - Mujer y Cine - Woman & Film, Valencia, Spain, June 2014 - Special Mention, Experimental Film
  • Accolade Global Film Festival Competition, California, USA, November 2014 - Award of Merit Special Mention: Experimental; Award of Excellence: Choreography; Award of Merit Special Mention: Creativity / Originality; Award of Merit Special Mention: Original Score


Writer / Director 2011
Passionflower Films
Feature Film / Drama / Colour / Red Camera

On the brink of puberty in 1962 suburban Winnipeg, Sarah Matthews is increasingly challenged and confused by her mother's instability and sexual power. While her father refuses to acknowledge that the family is fracturing under the stress of his wife's mental illness, Sarah uses her creativity, inner strength, and a new friend to discover her own identity. With courage, Sarah bears witness and demands truth from the adults around her, demonstrating love's capacity to endure.

Screening in Competition:

  • Official Selection Vancouver International Film Festival, Vancouver, Canada, October 2011
  • Official Selection 45th Worldfest - Houston International Film Festival, Houston, Texas, April 2012
  • Official Selection Prescott Film Festival, Prescott, Arizona, August 2012

Official Selection:

  • Newport Beach Film Festival, Newport Beach, California, May 2012
  • Gimli Film Festival, Gimli, Manitoba, July 2012
  • Rendezvous With Madness Film Festival, Toronto, Canada, November 2012
  • Anchorage International Film Festival, Anchorage, Alaska, December 2012
  • Sedona International Film Festival, Sedona, Arizona, February-March 2013
  • Jerome Indie and Music Festival, Jerome, Arizona, May 2013
  • White Sands International Film Festival, Las Cruces, New Mexico, September 2013


  • Prescott Film Festival, Prescott, Arizona, August, 2012 - Jury Awards for Best Narrative Feature and Best Director
  • 45th Worldfest - Houston International Film Festival, Houston, Texas, April 2012 - Awarded Platinum Remi for Theatrical Feature Film Dramatic Original; Awarded Remi Award for Best Editing of a Feature Film
  • Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF), Vancouver, Canada, October 2011 - Recognition of an Outstanding Performance in a Drama, Kristen Harris, Passionflower
  • Kristen Harris wins Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Feature Film for Passionflower, Manitoba ACTRA Awards
  • Anchorage International Film Festival , Anchorage, Alaska, December 2012 - Passionflower wins Best Audience Choice Award for Feature Films


  • Air Canada acquired PASSIONFLOWER to screen on flights March 1st - June 30th 2013
  • Super Channel  acquired PASSIONFLOWER to broadcast  March 20th - April 25th 2014
  • Royal College of Psychiatrists UK features PASSIONFLOWER on its Minds on Film Blog, September, 2014
  • Bell Media acquired PASSIONFLOWER to broadcast October 1st, 2015-March 31st, 2017
  • Hollywood Suite acquired PASSIONFLOWER to broadcast September 1st, 2015-February 28th, 2018
  • CanadaScreens acquired PASSIONFLOWER for their streaming service and has included it in their Women in the Director's Chair promotion 2016.


Director / Producer 2010
Collaborator/ Deborah Schnitzer
Experimental Narrative / Colour / HD / 6m 13s

The film traces the anguish a middle-aged woman endures as she contemplates a decision on a summer day that might end her own life and that of her husband who suffers a long term and incurable illness.


  • 2nd Canada Film Week at the Goethe Institute, Ghana, Africa, March 2011
  • CBC Short Shots Broadcast, Manitoba, August 2011
  • Winnipeg Cinematheque, Fall, 2011
  • Gimli Film Festival, Gimli, Manitoba, July 2012
  • CBC Short Shots Repeat Broadcast, Manitoba, August 2012
  • Winnipeg Nuit Blanche, Cinematheque, September, 2012
  • Jerome Indie and Music Festival, Jerome, Arizona, May 2013
  • University of Winnipeg, Gallery 1C03 - Moving Images Exhibition, February, 2017


  • WorldFest International Film Festival, Houston, USA. April 2011 - Grand Remi Award Best Experimental Film


Director / Producer 2009
Collaborator/ Deborah Schnitzer
Dance / Colour / HD / 7 min 30 s

In its exploration of the capacity of the body to reproduce and the mind to conceive, 'Resolve' expresses the weight and dynamism of the creative process, as well as its uncertainty, poignancy and challenge.

Screening in Competition:

  • NapoliDanza, Il Coreografo Elettronico, Naples, Italy, May 2010

One Night

Director 2009
Canadian Film Centre / Short Dramatic Film Award
Drama / Colour / 35 mm / 15 min

Painful truths emerge when a woman, Evelyn, is attacked in her home and her husband, Jack, fails to intervene. After shooting the intruder, Evelyn forces Jack to answer for his cowardice and in so doing, realizes exactly what has robbed her life of meaning and love.


  • Festival Mas Sorrer, Spain, July/August 2010
  • 14th Annual LA Shorts Fest, Los Angeles, July 2010
  • Montreal World Film Festival, August 2009
  • Yellowknife Film Festival, February 2010
  • Astral Media acquired ONE NIGHT to screen on The Movie Network, April 2010 - 2012
  • Corto Helvetico al Femminile, Switzerland, March 2010
  • WorldFest, Houston, U.S.A., April 2010 (Awarded the Silver Remi)
  • Newport Beach Film Festival, U.S.A. April 2010
  • WIFTV Women in Film Festival, Canada April 2010
  • International Premiere, Lanzarote Short Film Festival, Spain, May 2010
  • Worldwide Short Film Festival, Toronto, June 1-6, 2010
  • 14th Annual LA Shorts Fest, Los Angeles, July 2010
  • Festival Mas Sorrer, Spain, July 2010
  • Gimli Film Festival, July 2011


  • Best Manitoba Short Film, Gimli Film Festival, Gimli, July 2011
  • WorldFest International Film Festival, Houston, April 2010 - Awarded the Silver Remi
  • Best Director at Soul 4 Reel Film Festival, USA, March 2011

Screening in Competition:

  • 16th International Short Film Festival in Drama, Greece, September 2010

Night Travellers

National Screen Institute Drama Prize 2007
Writer / Director 2008
Dramatic short film / Colour / HD / 13 min

Night Travellers is the story of Mika LaFreniere, a wife and mother who falls into a passionate affair with a migrant worker in the 1960s. Against the backdrop of the strict religious community where she lives, and her fatherís disparaging behaviour, Mika struggles to make the right choices.


  • NSI Film Festival, Winnipeg, Canada, February 2008
  • Worldwide Short Film Festival, Toronto, June 2008
  • Newport Beach Film Festival, April 2008
  • CBC Reflections - Broadcast, June 2009


  • WorldFest International Film Festival, Houston, April 2009 - Awarded the Platinum Remi.


Director / Co-Producer 2005
Text and Voice / Deborah Schnitzer
Experimental short film / Colour / B&W /
HD & 16 mm / 7 min 26 s

Watch an excerpt (requires Quicktime).

An experimental short film, exploring women and madness, devoted to breakages and particularly focused on the appetites revealed as the subject is extinguished.

Nominations / Screenings:

  • Golden Sheaf Awards, Yorkton, Canada - Best Experimental Short Film May 2005
  • Montecatini Film Video, Italy- Best Experimental Short Film July 2005
  • The Cinematheque, Winnipeg, Canada, November 2005
  • Blizzard Awards, Canada: Best Experimental Short; Non-Commercial/Artist February 2006

Screening in Competition:

  • Filmstock International Film Festival, United Kingdom: June 2006
  • Da Vinci Film & Video Festival, Corvallis, Oregon U.S.A. July 2006
  • Wine Country Film Festival, Napa, California U.S.A. August 2006
  • Exground FilmFest, Wiesbaden, Germany November 2006

The Darkling Plain

Director / Producer 2002
Dramatic short film / B&W / 16 mm / 23 min

Watch an excerpt (requires Quicktime).

Set in New York City, a contemporary fairy tale about deception and betrayal. Shot in Neo-realist film noir style.


  • Blizzard Awards, Canada: Best Dramatic Short Under 60 minutes


  • Brandon Cinema, Brandon
  • The Cinematheque, Winnipeg, Canada
  • Catacomb Micro Cinema, Winnipeg


  • Montreal World Film Festival, Montreal
  • Salon des Refuses, Toronto
  • Reel Pride, Winnipeg